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We go beyond standard oncology by suggesting a combination of FDA-approved therapies that are not only shown to be effective in treating your type of cancer, but are effective in treating your specific cancer.

This is precision medicine, and it is our expertise.

Understanding the distinct characteristics of your cancer and your immune system allows us to create a treatment plan customized to you.


Many cancers are treated with surgery to remove or debulk tumors. This can often improve the effectiveness of other treatments.


Our specialists determine chemotherapies that are most effective at attacking your cancer, while minimizing damage to healthy cells.


The genomics and cells of your immune system are analyzed to specify therapies that will amplify your body’s immune response to your cancer.


Localized radiation may be used to slow isolated tumor growth and stimulate immunity to fight cancer cells elsewhere in the body.

Your ImmunoGenetics treatment plan is easy to obtain and can be done remotely.

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A patient coordinator will contact you to guide you through the process, perform an intake, and arrange for collection of your medical records. They will record specific questions that you may have for our experts regarding your diagnosis and treatments.

Next, we request further testing, including immune cell counts and genetic analysis of your tumor.

Identifying your immunological profile
By counting the number of various immune cells in the peripheral blood, our doctors are able to determine the effectiveness of treatment. Changes in the number of immune cells are often a good indicator of prognosis.

Genetic analysis of your immune system
Each person inherits a unique set of cell-surface proteins, called HLAs, that the immune system uses to identify normal versus foreign cells. We analyze the gene combinations that code for these HLA proteins to determine if your immune system is effectively identifying and attacking your cancer.

Genomic profiling of your tumor
Just as you have your own personal genetics, so does your cancer. We look at over 300 genomic mutations and biomarkers in the context of your specific case to select and sequence treatment strategies.

We then generate your ImmunoGenetics custom treatment plan.

After carefully reviewing your medical records and test results, our specialists will summarize their findings into a comprehensive report that reflects how they would navigate treatment if they were in your position.

Once you have reviewed your personalized treatment plan, you may contact with us any questions about the information provided. You may then take your plan to the physician of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Hear how getting a custom treatment plan changed these patients’ lives

Gemma’s story

When a tumor in her armpit was found to be HER2-positive breast cancer, Gemma was told she had only weeks to live. The strategies outlined in her ImmunoGenetics custom treatment plan have prolonged Gemma’s survival well beyond that timeline, and have given her hope.

Charley’s story

In 2015, Charley was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Instead of giving him a survival timeline, R Michael Williams MD PhD’s aim was to give Charley as much time as possible by using targeted chemotherapies and immunotherapy.

“If you know everything there is to know about your specific cancer, you have a better shot of changing the situation and increasing survival.”

– R.Michael Williams MD PhD

Make the right decision regarding your treatment.

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