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A different kind of company

Extending survival through precision medicine is the goal of treatment at ImmunoGenetics.

This focus is placed on every patient, every day.

In 2011, R. Michael Williams MD PhD founded Northern California Cancer Center (NCCC) in Northern California. NCCC provides patients with access to a group of physicians and allied specialists who are experts, up-to-date in all modalities of cancer diagnosis and treatment, and who stand willing and able to direct a path to early diagnosis and optimal treatment for patients with cancer.

NCCC physicians and nurses have expertise in treating many different types of cancer, including advanced-stage and complex cases, and tailor treatment to the unique biology of each patient.

Comprehensive genomic profiling is used to analyze patient tumors for over 300 cancer-relevant mutations and examine the genes and cells of each individual’s immune system to determine its effectiveness in fighting their cancer.

Treatment is an integrative approach and includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, biological and immunotherapy, and many adjunctive therapies. These therapies include but are not limited to nutrition, psychological and spiritual support, physical therapy, and the many approaches known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

ImmunoGenetics was born of the necessity to provide quality care to patients, regardless of their proximity to state-of-the-art cancer centers.

Founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of NCCC, ImmunoGenetics’ remote treatment recommendation service incorporates both established and emerging technologies, across disciplines, to prioritize molecular targets in oncology that are validated but difficult to drug. Having the NCCC physicians evaluate a patient’s case may reveal a different cancer type, while a review of their genetic and immunologic profile may uncover a more advanced treatment option not previously considered, or help to confirm the current diagnosis and treatment plan.