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The goal of our doctors is to prolong the lives of cancer patients everywhere.

They inspire confidence through decades of clinical and research experience, a passion for medicine, and the resolve to never lose hope. Hear from patients whose lives have been transformed by ImmunoGenetics’ personalized approach to cancer treatment.

Charley was diagnosed with prostate cancer after losing weight for several months. Instead of giving him a survival timeline, R Michael Williams MD PhD’s aim was to give Charley as much time as possible by using targeted chemotherapies and immunotherapy.

With numerous cancers and Multiple Sclerosis, this amazing woman has beat the odds of survival, year after year. Hear how R Michael Williams MD PhD, founder of ImmunoGenetics, has worked with Melissa to personalize and strategize treatments for over 15 years.

Meet Nicholas and his wife Colleen. During treatment for lung cancer, Colleen was by Nicholas’ side in the crucial role of advocate and caregiver. Hear their story of fortitude, hope, and perserverance.

Learn about how the immune system identifies normal versus foreign cells, and why certain individuals, like Michael, are more likely to develop very uncommon infections such as AIDS. 

Upon discovering HER2-positive breast cancer, Gemma was told she had only weeks to live. The strategies outlined in her ImmunoGenetics custom treatment plan have prolonged Gemma’s survival well beyond that timeline.

Meet James. Diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in 2008, Dr. Williams helped him understand that his cancer was treatable and gave him hope for survival. “I have cancer; cancer doesn’t define who I am.”

Martha’s stage IV HER2-positive cancer was treated with an antibody immunotherapy as well as chemotherapy. It spread to her liver, bones, and eventually her brain. Sixteen years later, her personalized treatments continue to give her hope for the future.

Meet Ron. Diagnosed in his early 30’s, Ron didn’t think he’d live long enough to see his children grow up. The treatments strategized by R Michael Williams MD ensured that was possible.