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Cancer is a war.

Arm yourself with a treatment plan personalized to your genetics.

At ImmunoGenetics, we use our expertise in oncology, immunology, and genetics to understand your unique cancer and to provide treatment recommendations that offer the best chance of survival.

An ImmunoGenetics treatment plan gives you access to world-class doctors from the comfort of your own home.

We use comprehensive genomic profiling to analyze your tumor for over 300 cancer-relevant mutations, and examine the genes and cells of your immune system to determine its effectiveness in fighting your cancer.

To begin, fill out our contact form.

A patient coordinator will contact you to guide you through our process and answer any questions you may have.

Our experts will create their initial treatment recommendations for you based on your medical records and the information you provide during the intake. This ImmunoGenetics Treatment Evaluation, plus a conversation with one of our experts, is included in the base fee.

If your situation warrants further investigation, you may choose to have your genetic and immunological profile analyzed, as well as the genomic profile of your cancer.

These additional tests are available for a fee through our network of associates, each of whom are at the cutting edge of their areas of treatment and research.

Evaluation of your personal immunological profile
By counting the number of various immune cells in the peripheral blood, our doctors are able to determine the effectiveness of treatment. Changes in the number of immune cells are often a good indicator of prognosis.

Evaluation of your personal genetic profile
Each person inherits a unique set of cell-surface proteins, called HLAs, that the immune system uses to identify normal versus foreign cells. We analyze the gene combinations that code for these HLA proteins to determine if your immune system is effectively identifying and attacking your cancer.

Genomic analysis of your cancer cells
Just as you have your own personal genetics, so does your cancer. We look at over 300 genomic mutations and biomarkers in the context of your specific case to select and sequence treatment strategies.

Functional profiling of your cancer cells
Often, a chemotherapy that works for one patient does not help another patient with the same type of cancer. Your unique cancer cells are tested in the laboratory to determine how they respond to a variety of drugs and drug combinations in order to determine the best treatment for you.

We then generate your ImmunoGenetics Custom Treatment Plan.

Our specialists will review the results of any of the above tests, plus the information submitted in the initial intake, and will create a comprehensive report that includes treatment recommendations customized to you and your cancer.

Once you have reviewed your personalized treatment plan, you may contact us with any questions about the information provided. You can then take your plan to the physician of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Our patients are our inspiration

You are not alone in the fight against cancer. We are on the frontlines, alongside families and loved ones, doing what we’ve always done: giving our cancer patients the best chance of prolonging survival.

Melissa’s story

With numerous cancers and Multiple Sclerosis, this amazing woman has beat the odds of survival, year after year.

James’ story

Diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, James’ treatment plan gave him hope for survival.

Nicholas’ story

Having his wife by his side as an advocate during treatment for lung cancer saved Nicholas’ life.

How does your body fight cancer?

The cancer immunity cycle is always occurring.

Learn about the intricate dance between tumor cells and cells of your immune system.

Redefining what’s possible

Our mission is to prolong the lives of cancer patients everywhere through precision medicine.

Scientific articles published

Our experts have been at the forefront of immunology and oncology research throughout their careers.

Learn about their discoveries and contributions that have lead to advancements in today’s cancer care.

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