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Where cellular immunology uses molecular biology to understand and influence our genomics.

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We use comprehensive genomic and molecular profiling to design a customized treatment plan for you. You’ll access our global network of cancer doctors as we execute your personalized treatment plan. We then monitor and adjust as needed.

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We are innovators in genomics and immunology united in our mission of transforming the lives of cancer patients everywhere.

  • Edmond J. Yunis MD

    Edmond J. Yunis MD

    Founder ~ Emeritus at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    Dr. Edmond Jose Yunis has been keenly interested in human immunogenetics and the molecular basis of disease for the majority of his prestigious academic career...

    He was born and raised in Colombia and immigrated to the United States in 1954 for his Residency in Pathology at Kansas University where he worked under the auspices of Dr. Robert F. Stowell. Dr. Yunis then went on to Duke University to study histocompatibility and immunogenetics under the well-known Dr. D.B. Amos. Their work resulted in the genetic mapping of the HLA loci, a portion of the genetic code that plays an important role in the regulation of the immune system. From 1976 to the present he has been a faculty member at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. During his tenure in Boston, he has served as Professor of Pathology, the Chief of the Division of Immunogenetics, and the Director of the HLA Laboratory. Dr. Yunis’s laboratory at Dana-Farber Cancer Center was involved in groundbreaking work on human genetic polymorphisms, the genetics of life span, the genetics of drug induced hematopoetic complications, and the genetics of the progression of clinical tuberculosis. He is the author or coauthor on over 400 scientific papers and a contributing author to 8 books on topics as diverse as tissue typing and organ transplantation to a manual on clinical immunology.

  • Robert Michael Williams MD PhD

    Robert Michael Williams MD PhD

    Founder ~ CEO of Northern California Cancer Center

    Dr. Robert Michael Williams began his career in academic medicine but quickly went on to found numerous organizations that have transformed how we approach cancer care in the United States and abroad...

    With over 40 years of experience as a medical oncologist.

    "My approach to all immunogenetic diseases, including cancer, is to evaluate and modulate the regulation of the immune response."

    He subsequently co-founded Cancer Treatment Centers of America in 1989 and served as the group’s Senior Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer until 2000. After spending 8 years as the "county oncologist" caring for all comers, most with no insurance or medicaid, he then founded the Northern California Cancer Center and Northern California Cancer Research Foundation in 2011, where he currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Williams received a BA degree in Culture & Behavior from Yale College in 1969 and an MS degree in Molecular Biology and Biophysics in 1970 from Yale Graduate School. In 1974 he received his MD degree from Harvard Medical School and his PhD in Immunology from Harvard Graduate School. Dr. Williams has published over 100 scientific articles.